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A supportive community of offbeat creatives uncovering their calling and launching what they love!

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#LaunchWhatYouLove Club

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Stop Struggling and Start Connecting

If doing something more is your DREAM, you don't have to go it alone. 

Our community of like-hearted and kind-minded creatives exists to support one another in launching what we love.

So. . . what’s this site and app all about?

I’m so glad you asked! (Or at least read that question aloud. . .)

The #LaunchWhatYouLove Club is a supportive space where fellow offbeat creatives come together to uncover their TRUE callings and launch what they love with motivation, empowerment, education, and super rad peer support - AWAY from the noise of Facebook. 

♥ It’s a community where we focus on the mindsets that’ll help us get from hating our 9-5 grinds to pursuing our passions either part or full-time. 

♥ It’s a library of common knowledge that shares the tips, tricks, and “what’s worked” so that we can work smarter, not harder, and have ONE go-to source rather than 50. 

♥ It’s basically the Misfit Island of Toys for artists, entrepreneurs, creators, activists, teachers, and everyone in between who just doesn’t fit in most other places.

When You Join

So what do you GET when you join? What's in it for ya? 

Well, LOTS! Allow me to highlight some of the best benefits (you get INSTANT access when you subscribe):

Monthly Challenges (to make this your Most Excellent Year Yet)
♥ Library of on-demand training videos and downloadable goodness that's alla the great stuff, none of the fluff
Monthly live webinars focused on the IMPORTANT stuff
♥ The CONNECTION and support of an entire forum of fellow offbeat creatives

Why You Should Join Us

♥ If you're feeling overwhelmed with all of the online biz tips and mindset gurus. 

♥ If you're tired of your 9-5 grind and want to pursue something MORE. 

♥ If you want to join a tribe of people going after their BIG LIFE GOALS and supporting each other along the way.

Within the digital world of our #LaunchWhatYouLove Club there exists a haven of offbeat creativeness providing motivation, empowerment, support, and education to help YOU uncover your TRUE calling and launch what you LOVE with CONFIDENCE and CLARITY

My very favorite part is the supportive atmosphere and accountability you won't find in just any ol' Facebook group. 

Plus, every month I hop in to give y'all some valuable education via live webinars that get scheduled within the group. 

One on one and personal connections can be made with the group features - or totally ignored! As an INFJ who thrives more online than at some networking event, I totally get the desire to "keep it online", but for those extroverts out there, in-person meetups could be a thing, should you choose to coordinate one in your area!

My little theory is. . . the more of us offbeat creatives who can escape the 9-5 grind to pursue our meaningful passions (our BIG LIFE GOALS) and live out our life's purpose, the more we’ll dismantle systems of oppression. It’s a small-ish dream, but one I am so driven by.

A Big Thanks

Thank you SO MUCH for contributing your UNIQUE brand of amazingness to the #LaunchWhatYouLove Club. Together we make this space our own every day with our unique perspectives and knowledge and that just fills my heart with all the happiness and confetti there is in the world.

About the Founder

Hi there, I'm Jessie and I started the #LaunchWhatYouLove Club so that I could support my fellow offbeat creatives in launching what they love. The idea came to me after I found myself fired from a corporate job and just ITCHING to do something more meaningful with my life. But WHAT would that be? And HOW would I do it?? 

I found SO MANY resources, experts, gurus, videos, newsletters, freebie downloadables, and much more out there but none of that truly helped, held me accountable, or really resonated with my offbeat creativity. 

So I decided I would make something up myself. 

I'm an INFJ who's easily excitable but can sometimes also struggle with my bipolar disorder. I have a fellow offbeat creative for a boo and together we live in an adorable 1926 bungalow with our cat and dog. Since that fateful day of firing it was a few years until I became a certified master life coach who uses my degree in psychology and my personal obsessions with self-improvement and entrepreneurship to empower my fellow offbeat creatives to find economical and sanity-saving ways to escape the 9-5 grind so that they can pursue their passions. 

Now, I can't imagine doing anything else. I work part time for a fellow solopreneur woman (gotta get that MVE, y'all!) and spend most of my days working on the #LWYL Club and creating content that empowers and supports YOU.

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